Monday, October 31, 2011

Trunk Or Treat

Trunk or Treat....what does this mean?  I have seen this on several signs around town and could not even guess what it meant.  And I went back to take a photo of it and then couldn't remember where I had seen it. But I saw it several places.  Actually I was almost afraid to ask what it meant.  Trick or treat, well, no treat, we play a trick on you.  Trunk or treat, no treat, so Guido puts you in the trunk?  When can you come out?  I was puzzled and then forgot about it until today.
It has been explained to me that Trunk or Treat means people take their cars up to different parking lots, like a church or a big parking lot at a shopping plaza.  You line them all up and open your trunk and you have candy in the trunk.  This provides kids a way to Trick or Treat safely, with mom and dad in tow. Actually I saw the incredible intelligence in this as you certainly could cover more ground in a shorter time this way.  I spent hours going up and down the streets when I was a kid collecting my goodies and avoiding the neighborhood bully who seemed to delight in grabbing one's bag and dumping it and then ripping up the bag so you had no way of getting the candy home.  He ended up being convicted of a double murder though, and sentenced to death.  So he is no longer around to terrorize smaller children, another good reason for Trunk or Treat.

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