Monday, October 10, 2011

Old Cars, part 3

 57 Chevy above.  It looked like it just came off the show room floor.  I loved the rich color on this one.  Just gorgeous!
 Some kind of nifty hot rod!
 This is the truth!
 Two of these trucks were there.  You can pump them up with air suspension and make them really high or really low. These are the kind you can make bounce up and down!
 A Crosley. Very tiny little station wagon, I never heard of these before.

 An old El Camino.  The only one there. These are pretty uncommon.
 Giant jacked up truck.

 Jerry by the Monster Truck.  He is 6 feet tall.
 Old tractors!  This is a Ford but not painted blue.  It was a 1948, I believe.
 This one looked brand new:

 Loved the paint job on this beauty:

 Old fire truck from 1925 owned by the Glasgow Fire Department.
 Sutphen Fire Trucks are currently made in Columbus, I wonder if this is the same company that changed names?

 A Tempest!  My mom drove one and loved it to death.  I think this one is older than what hers was.  It looked so little.  My brother and I sat in the back sead and played and squabbled the miles away....

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