Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Trail Ride, Part 2

Here is my t shirt from the ride (taken at home):
 Here we all are, milling about and chatting before the ride. We met at the field at 9:30 sharp to get going!  This man is the one who dressed in period costumes each day.  His wife didn't go with us but just hung around at the campground, I am guessing.  On the right was the precious little black mule, about 13.2 hands, just a willing little worker, carried his owner, surefooted and patient. He is 20 years old.

 This is the big field and some of the horses:
 This horse got hit by the Spot Fairy.  The owner also helped lead Jacques down a rather steep ravine when he was frightened and wouldn't go down.  I walked down and followed.  Jacques' feet got sore and he was having trouble towards the end of the ride.

These horses had red ribbons in their tails to indicate that they don't like to be followed closely by another horse and will kick:
This lady and her two children saw us off, I am guessing the rest of the family went riding but the kids were too little to go:
Here we go:

This photo was taken over my shoulder on the fly.  I didn't want to turn around too far in the saddle with Jacques.  It came our rather well.  This gentleman is the man who arranged the ride:
Everyone was so nice!  I can't wait to go again!
This is Lake Barkley, which was to the East of the Park.  So beautiful!

Next year we will be at Mammoth Cave and that will be a fun ride, too!  Come and join us!

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