Sunday, November 6, 2011

Post Number 100!

No kidding!  I started this blog last fall and we are now at post 100!  Honestly, I never thought I'd find this much to write about.  The blog began as a way to celebrate our life here, the wonderful and fun things we have seen and experienced with some overflow into my personal life.  And I still have things to write about!
Today's post will be a little bit about this and that.
Here is yesterday's sunrise:
 And this is what it looked like to the west, the sun was reflecting off these clouds:
 And about 10 minutes later, the sun came up....
I love to start my day this way!
Here is another photo, we finally got the second stained glass up in the front room.  We didn't want to block the view so we hung it up by the entry way and it looks pretty good there.  I may actually take out the spindles at some point in the future.
The plant is one that Rose, the lady who used to live here, left behind.  I had to trim it down some, it was so healthy and had vines at least 10 feet long!  But it was taking over the front room.  It has been trimmed, dead branches removed, yellow leaves picked off.  It had a great summer outside in the front yard being a wild plant with the Christmas cacti.  And they are very happy, too, you can see them blooming:

They are so happy here that they bloomed three times this past year, spring, summer and now fall!
Tomorrow I will talk about some plants that I hate.

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