Saturday, October 1, 2011

Top Ten Reasons to live in Kentucky

#10  Summer never ends. This was taken today (October 1st):
#9   You can look out your window and see this:
#8  I scream for ice cream and we all scream for this:
It's soooo good!
#7   The sunrises are spectacular:
#6   Cumberland Falls is only a couple of hours away:
#5   We have the most amazing flowers here:
#4   You can see monkeys driving lawnmowers down the road:
#3   Cumberland Gap is only about three hours away:

#2  You can actually have a rose garden here without cutting the stems back or covering them for the winter. And they bloom from the time the leaves come out until frost.  This was also taken today, October 1st.  They have really grown, they were the size of a small bucket when I planted them in June:
#1   The wonderful people here!  They are friendly, and ever so glad that we have come down here to live!

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  1. I've lived in Kentucky my whole life I moved to Indiana a couple months ago and I already miss Kentucky a lot!! Its a awesome place to live