Saturday, October 8, 2011

Neat old cars!

One thing we don't see down here is old rusty heaps.  In the north, because of the severe winters and the amount of salt and sand they use to clear the roads, you have rust starting on your car a year after you buy it.  We see a lot of neat older cars here, a couple of weeks ago I saw a fabulous old huge station wagon in amazing shape at the wal mart parking lot.  I loved this, there is so much room in them and they are better than a mini van in so many ways, more stability, etc.
There was a great old car show in Glasgow today so we decided to attend it.  There are a LOT of photos so I'll probably split this into two or three posts with just a few comments here and there.  There were also old tractors and some very unusual types of cars there.  Most were fully restored and just wonderful to see.  I noticed that the engines don't take up very much room under the hood and that includes my personal favorites, the muscle cars of the 60s.  Now everything is just crammed in there and you can't fix a simple thing without taking the whole darn thing apart.  Someone should take a hint and just make basic cars that anyone can fix.  Seriously.

 Lovely, lovely mustang.  I loved this one.
 The engines all looked brand new, no grease or gunk under these old hoods!
 Check out the floor boards in the back of this pickup. They were beautiful!
 I love this old pickup, too.

 And you could actually work on the engines if you wanted to with just a few tools.

 Be still my heart...Mako Shark Vette AND yellow.  I can't stand it....

 Jerry is looking at this one.  You could barely see out of the windows and can you see that the windshield opens at the bottom?  To let in air, I guess.

 A real Edsel!  I recognized most of the cars from my generation but was delighted to find this one there.
 Everyone was all shined up for their moment on Main Street.  Lovely.

 This might be a Thunderbird, I think. They also had the replica of a small child's car sitting inf ront. Really cool!

More tomorrow!


  1. Those old cars are neat-o! Seriously, they have a style that makes you think wistful thoughts of the previous era. It helps that they got the curves and the color that reflect a classy personality.

  2. Wow! Those old cars look unbelievably classy. You have got to appreciate the level of detail these cars have and the amount of effort put into them by the owners. That old Mustang looks like it’s ready to hit the road!

  3. Nothing says “vintage car” than a mint green Thunderbird! The little car looks so cute, too. The interiors look so classy and well maintained. You can really see how much these folks take care of their vintage cars. Awesome shots, btw. =)

  4. Is that a yellow Corvette? It’s so gorgeous! I’m pretty sure that my husband would love that if I gave it to him as a gift. Oh, I just wish that car is something that everyone can afford. Heheh! Hmm, maybe bringing him to this kind of vintage car show is the least I can do. He’ll definitely love these because of the unique and rare appeal of each car.

  5. I think the universe conspired to give you this car! It sounds like a match made in heaven! :D But I perfectly understand what you were saying. There are times when our cars become more than just a vehicle. I, too, love my car. This one is a gift from my parents. It’s kinda old, but it can still take long trips and extreme road conditions. I hope that your Scion will stay with you for a long time!

  6. When other people talk about old cars, they usually think of the rusty ones, cars with faded interior colors. But, I think with these cars, you can say that not all old cars totally go out of style. You see that Edsel? Man, that’s my favorite among all these classics! Incredibly superb! :D