Monday, October 3, 2011

The Trail Ride

This past week, I had an actual vacation!  And it was paid!  So the boyfriend  Jacques, and I, went off to Western Kentucky to a wonderful place called Wrangler Camp located at Land Between the Lakes park.  This is located about 3 hours from where we live.
On the way, this appeared on the horizon.  I took this photo from the highway:
I thought it looked like the Washington Monument and wondered if it had a connection with that.  Nope, this is in Fairview, and it's a memorial to Jefferson Davis.  You can read about it here:
We got to the camp without incident and it was a lovely day to travel.  Wrangler Camp is a lovely site, a campground specifically set up for horses and trail riding, with over 100 miles of trails.  Here is what our camp looked like, we were in one of the primitive overflow areas:

You put your buckets and containers out in front of your truck and they come around with a water truck and fill them up for you each day.  There were around 80 people here and nearly as many horses, most of them appaloosas, since this was an appaloosa sponsored event.
These are my friends, Dwain and Carolyn, from Ohio.  They have two of the prettiest leopard appaloosas that I have ever seen.

All of our meals were provided and served under this big yellow tent:
The food was good, we had turkey and dressing one night and steaks on another night.  Breakfasts were all kinds of choices and we had a table set up after breakfast so we could make sandwiches, fruit, and cake for lunches on the trail.
Here are some of the lovely horses that were there:

Some of the horses were tethered with collars, as they know how to slip out of their halters:
The horses mostly had a line run between two trees and were tethered in the center, to not damage the trees.  Some people brought short fence panels and some had very small electric fences set up with solar powered fence chargers.
There were lots of dogs there, and yes, even two corgis!

If you had a non spotted horse, the Spot Fairy would come around at night and make your horse an Honorary Appaloosa!
So I made sure that Jacques had spots so that no one used shoe polish on him.  It was all in great fun, though.  Everyone admired his bright yellow spots.  He is a rare Fluorescent.  :)
Here he is, all tacked up and ready to go:

This sign was on the front of someone's trailer, I liked it!
I'll post some photos of the ride, the scenery and the horses and riders tomorrow.

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