Sunday, October 9, 2011

Old Cars, part 2

Here are some more. There must have been 2-300 cars there.
 My all time favorite muscle car, a 1967 GTO.  The only thing to make this perfect would be for it to be red.

 I don't know what these little things are but they were really cute!

 1959 Corvette...perfect....
 An old Shelby....
 I can't remember what it is but I think it looks sort of like a cream sickle.... :)

 Cool old Caddy.....

 1910 REO.  It had an accelerator and four other pedals on the floor. We weren't sure what these were used for, one might be the clutch, and one had to be the brake.  If you look at the closest running board, you can see the crank used to start it up.
But it also had a key!  The wonders of modern design!  You can see some of the pedals to the lower right.  This car looked absolutely brand new.  I just cannot believe how they can do this.

 Some of the hoods opened on the side.
More tomorrow.....

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