Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Fall, Dude....wait...or maybe it's Spring?

I took these photos two days ago.  On a trip out to the mailbox, I noticed the flowers:
Seriously, Dude.... (I've always wanted to say that)  This is an apple blossom.  On an apple tree.  On the fourth day of October!  Dude!  Can you believe it?  :)  There were several.
Then I saw this flower:
This is the tulip tree. Blooming for the third time this year.  It's just loaded with buds.  I had shown them to Jerry a couple of weeks ago, he said they were buds that would be blooming in the Spring.  Jerry is never wrong.  So I can only assume that the chilly weather we had last week, which has turned into the mid 80s this week means that last week was winter.  And so we are back to Spring now.
I just love it down here!

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