Monday, October 31, 2011

Trunk Or Treat

Trunk or Treat....what does this mean?  I have seen this on several signs around town and could not even guess what it meant.  And I went back to take a photo of it and then couldn't remember where I had seen it. But I saw it several places.  Actually I was almost afraid to ask what it meant.  Trick or treat, well, no treat, we play a trick on you.  Trunk or treat, no treat, so Guido puts you in the trunk?  When can you come out?  I was puzzled and then forgot about it until today.
It has been explained to me that Trunk or Treat means people take their cars up to different parking lots, like a church or a big parking lot at a shopping plaza.  You line them all up and open your trunk and you have candy in the trunk.  This provides kids a way to Trick or Treat safely, with mom and dad in tow. Actually I saw the incredible intelligence in this as you certainly could cover more ground in a shorter time this way.  I spent hours going up and down the streets when I was a kid collecting my goodies and avoiding the neighborhood bully who seemed to delight in grabbing one's bag and dumping it and then ripping up the bag so you had no way of getting the candy home.  He ended up being convicted of a double murder though, and sentenced to death.  So he is no longer around to terrorize smaller children, another good reason for Trunk or Treat.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Roses and Rearranging in October!

But first, these photos were taken about 10 days ago, and the roses are STILL BLOOMING!
 These are the cosmos that have taken over by the front fence:
And another one of the lovely roses:
We didn't have a step on the front porch so we took the one from the kitchen entrance and put it out there:
Nothing real special but it was apparently never put in.  Even though it's only a couple of inches higher than the step, it was still a little further down than you expected and probably not good for the corgis' backs.
Then we bought a new step for the kitchen (main) entrance:
Nicer looking and just a little wider for when you are standing in the rain and fiddling with a key!  :)  I saw this half round one and really liked it and wish I'd gotten the larger one, now.  But this one is fine.
This weekend, we did some major moving of things around the house.  We are down to about 20 boxes and still going through things to decide what to keep and what to sell at a yard sale.  We had an enormous oak table in the "formal" dining area.  It was quickly becoming a dump spot and we couldn't see out the wonderful window.  So we moved the table to another place:
I got rid of the sheer curtains which were terrible dust collectors and blocked the view.  Believe me, I am all about the view here.  We have taken out several trees and still have two or three more to move.
Then I had a couple of stained glass windows that we carefully carried down here on the move, and so the morning glory one went up into the window:
I had picked up a small table with two chairs for Jerry's laptop to be on, and Kathy had given us a nifty plant holder. It was time to think about bringing the Christmas cactus in because they are setting buds and will be blooming in a couple of weeks.  So I put that in the window so they could get plenty of sun through the winter.

I had this wicker chair that was just begging to be in the left side corner:

I also added the two little end tables that have tile tops on them and put two of the mandavillas on one of them. The third one went into the bedroom where I have another plant stand.
I do plan on replacing the curtains at some point but they look much better without the sheers, I think.

We also raised the light fixture so that no swearing will be heard as one whacks one's head on it.  And you can see how nice the tile floors look here.
I put up some artwork in the corners, starting with a couple that someone had done of my corgis:
 Jordan, who was Am/Can. CH. Garvin's Sharp Dressed Man, as a puppy:
 Micah and Panda, who were Can. CH. Kallista My Wild Irish Rose and Can. CH. Kallista Kiss Me I'm Irish.
I put another small one of Jordan on the left side but didn't get a photo of it.
Then we got really inspired and spent the rest of the day hanging pictures in the guest room and the front room and our bedroom.  It looks really nice, now!
Moving is a year long project, I can tell you that, with working and training and other things, sometimes there is just no energy to do this in the evening. So I am glad that we got these things done.
I am going to hang the iris stained glass to the left of these pictures, where the entry way is. There really isn't another good place to put it except in the second guest room which is actually a library.  And since the sun shines in so brightly and hot in the summer, I'd really rather have the blinds in there. So this makes a good logical choice.  I went and got the better hooks for both the stained glasses and we will get them up maybe tomorrow.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Old Cars, part 3

 57 Chevy above.  It looked like it just came off the show room floor.  I loved the rich color on this one.  Just gorgeous!
 Some kind of nifty hot rod!
 This is the truth!
 Two of these trucks were there.  You can pump them up with air suspension and make them really high or really low. These are the kind you can make bounce up and down!
 A Crosley. Very tiny little station wagon, I never heard of these before.

 An old El Camino.  The only one there. These are pretty uncommon.
 Giant jacked up truck.

 Jerry by the Monster Truck.  He is 6 feet tall.
 Old tractors!  This is a Ford but not painted blue.  It was a 1948, I believe.
 This one looked brand new:

 Loved the paint job on this beauty:

 Old fire truck from 1925 owned by the Glasgow Fire Department.
 Sutphen Fire Trucks are currently made in Columbus, I wonder if this is the same company that changed names?

 A Tempest!  My mom drove one and loved it to death.  I think this one is older than what hers was.  It looked so little.  My brother and I sat in the back sead and played and squabbled the miles away....

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Old Cars, part 2

Here are some more. There must have been 2-300 cars there.
 My all time favorite muscle car, a 1967 GTO.  The only thing to make this perfect would be for it to be red.

 I don't know what these little things are but they were really cute!

 1959 Corvette...perfect....
 An old Shelby....
 I can't remember what it is but I think it looks sort of like a cream sickle.... :)

 Cool old Caddy.....

 1910 REO.  It had an accelerator and four other pedals on the floor. We weren't sure what these were used for, one might be the clutch, and one had to be the brake.  If you look at the closest running board, you can see the crank used to start it up.
But it also had a key!  The wonders of modern design!  You can see some of the pedals to the lower right.  This car looked absolutely brand new.  I just cannot believe how they can do this.

 Some of the hoods opened on the side.
More tomorrow.....