Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On Vacation!

I'll be gone a few days starting on Tuesday.  I have gotten ready and will be leaving on a camping/trail ride in Western Kentucky!  I understand this is a wonderful ride with over 100 miles of trails.  The boyfriend and I will be sleeping close by each other, of course he will be outside of the truck and I'll be inside.  This is a trail ride that is put on by one of the horse clubs and one night they will have a Bluegrass Band, one night a steak fry, and an auction (I have put together a wonderful bucket of horsey items that will be very useful for this) and some kind of music show somewhere a few miles away on Friday night if we want to go.  I'd be happy with a campfire and a gooey S'more but this will be fun, too!  I have not been camping in years and years and never on a "real" trail ride.  I am ready.  Jacques is ready.  I will take lots of photos so you can all come along, too!

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