Sunday, September 4, 2011

What I woke up to yesterday morning....

I sat up yesterday morning and the window shades were open and this is my first thing to see of the day:
The one on the left is Nickie, on the right is Michelle.  There is not that much size difference in them, Michelle is a little bit further back.  They are nearly the same age, though, and Nickie is at least a hand bigger (4 inches) than Michelle is.
Next was Hector:
Hector is the last remaining guinea.  The babies I got this year wandered off and I guess from talking with people, that is not uncommon.  Hector, though, has adapted.  He has an interspecies relationship with the big red Rooster who I call Brewster.  Brewster used to chase the guineas something awful, beating them up every chance he got.  Then there was just Hector, so after a while, he decided that maybe Hector wasn't that bad and they could be friends.  Hector does have a brain the size of a pea and he does realize that Brewster is an idiot. So he tolerates Brewster but not sure if they will be much more than nodding acquaintances.  And we all know the saying, what goes around, comes around?  It has.  One of the other two roosters here has decided that Brewster is pond scum and was chasing him around yesterday.  I called out to Brewster "how does it feel?" but he was running so fast I don't think he heard me.  Anyhow, Hector keeps to himself pretty much.  Until this arrived:
This is Tess, a twelve year old corgi wannabe.  There is a healthy dose of cattle dog in there, too. But she is adorable, walks well, gets along with other dogs and I've started to introduce her to the gang. She came with her own flea circus, though.  That has been taken care of.  If you want a perfectly good used corgi mix, call me.  Anyhow, Hector was on the roof watching for things and he started to raise a ruckus. Turns out it was Tess.  He is a very good watchbird! I was extremely surprised that he could realize that this was a different dog!
I went out to the back yard, the girls had moved further up.  Michelle is on the left and Nickie is on the right.
This is Nickie:
This is Michelle:
Both girls are going through the gawky stage but still are pretty and elegant.  I just try not to look at them too hard when I am working with them.  :)
Finally, the sun came up:
And so begins another lovely day in Kentucky. (The cows aren't mine, they belong to the neighbor and were in the way of the sunrise shot.  Ah, well.)

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