Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New Picture Pie!

I did a beef pie for Eldon, who kindly brush hogged our pastures a couple of weeks ago. I have been waging war on the thistles (which I've pretty much won) and the cockleburrs (which I have been losing).  Here is what the cockleburrs do to the horses' manes and tails:

This was last October, and trust me, they were totally matted the next day.  I had just brushed out Jacques' tail (the bay horse) when it occurred to me to take a photo.  The grey horse is Chrissie, she was a Christmas pony!  She has just come home from her lessons and is just a very good, sensible horse and she grew up quite a bit while she was gone and is just beautiful. 
Anyhow, I did not want to spend two hours every day taking these out, and they go back to grazing or wallowing in the pasture and they get all gunked up again.  
Eldon took care of most of these for me, there are still some very small ones I have to get with a hoe and have been working on it some.
So I baked him one of my pies:
It tasted great (made one for us, too) but don't think these crusts should be frozen!  By the way, it's an appaloosa horse on there.
I will make him a better one next time.

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