Monday, September 5, 2011

Cumberland Falls, Part Deux

Last Saturday, we took another trip to Cumberland Falls. We yard saled our way across the state with our friend, Beth.
Our first stop was Burkesville, to the south of us.  Where I found several things of note:
Not Trompe L'Oiel, but still a really nice way to advertise the area's highlights.  There was a neat hot green/lime car at a gas station, a real good old boy car.  I mean, this was right up there with the General Lee!  But I missed the shot.  We stopped for pizza roll ups for lunch and then continued and I saw a wonderful Kentucky thing.  It was a car wash put on by some student group.  But this was just not any carwash!  THIS carwash featured a barbeque, too, so you can eat your pork shoulder and watch the kids wash your car.  Sadly, I did get a photo but the darn car mirror was in the way.  But it was still a hoot to see.
Now this was definitely the find of the day:
A wedding dress?  You may wonder why. Well, to find a wedding dress hanging from a cherry picker at a garage sale is surely wonderful luck here in Kentucky.  I mean, this was the only one any of us had ever seen, so it must surely be very special.
We pushed on.  Beth was in the back seat with the map.  At some point Jerry said "look, we are in Tennessee. Are we supposed to be in Tennessee?" "No, we aren't in Tennessee."  Jerry stated that he saw the state sign and turned around to prove it to Beth, and in just a minute or two we were re-entering Kentucky.  We back tracked a few miles and got on the right right. But I saw this on the way:
I am not sure if Strunk is a family name or what exactly it is.  But it struck me as funny enough to take a photo of.
Soon, we entered one of our favorite "towns".  Honey Bee.  Which has its name because when they were trying to decide what the name should be, the new postmaster was being bothered by some stray honeybees:

The Post office was in a very old building, built in 1862.  It was logs and chinked together.  Big porch and very, very cool. The local 4 H has a craft store there where they sell wood work, quilts, crocheted items, photography and other things.  This is a talented bunch of kids!  Next door was this wonderful old cabin, fixed up and still occupied:
This cabin looks every bit as old as the Post Office.
Old well in front of the house:
We also saw a lot of kudzu.  This is a vine that just takes over everything in its way.  I'm sure the plant in Little Shop of Horrors was based on this plant!  It was brought to the US by someone as an exotic plant, then it was developed as a feed plant as cattle and sheep and goats like it. But it's hard to harvest and so they didn't use it for that.  It was also used as a ground cover to help hold the soil in on hills, etc. But alas, it escaped and now it's all over the South.  Anyhow  you can see it down here:

Then we got to the Falls where dogs are supposed to be on leash:
And in light of dogs being on leash, I thought this was even more appropriate:
The falls are beautiful as usual.  A lot of people were wading around and the kids were having a ball in the water.  It was very pleasant in temperature.

Here is a photo of Jerry and I:
And Beth and me:
And Jerry and Beth looking out at the falls:
This is some kind of pretty little flower that was growing around. I don't know what it is:
I love this place!  Beth has lived here a big part of her life and had never been. We were so happy to take her to see it!
Here is a clip of video of the falls:

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