Saturday, September 24, 2011

Another Sunset brought to you by God

Our sunsets are almost always gorgeous.  I guess you have all figured that out by now.  But tonight's was not only lovely, but prolonged.
First, we noticed it warming up:
Then the rays started to shoot out. This took around ten minutes:

I can't even capture how gorgeous this was with the camera.  They streamed all across the sky.  The valley caught a bit of the late sun and looked so pretty (this is to the east):
The yellow that hits the far side makes the trees look a little bit redder.  We are just starting to see the slightest tinge in the trees that says the Endless Summer is winding down.
Mandy and Rilee ate their dinner, oblivious to the beauty:
The corgis watched us, watching the west sky:

And the neighbor's cows on the far hill where the sun was setting, just grazed on in  the last little bit of sunlight:
I tried this last photo, which was brilliant orange and purple but it was dark enough that the camera could not pick up the purple:
We spent the last few minutes of light with the goats, bringing the bucks in and telling them how cute they all are (and stinky!:).  But that will pass in a couple of months.  The frogs and crickets were singing, it was just a nice temperature and it felt so safe and nice in our little corner of the world.

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