Sunday, September 25, 2011

National Alpaca Farm Days

Today is National Alpaca Farm Days!  So alpaca farms all over the USA have opened their gates to visitors to learn about these amazing animals.  There is a farm about 10 miles from us, so off we set to explore some more.
Here is the farm we went to:
I had met Sharon, the owner, a few months back and we have gotten friendly.  Here are some photos of her alpacas:

She has a lot of white/cream ones.  And we got to get up close and personal with this little beauty:
Look at those eyes!  I could fall in love.  She had her ears back and was making a little huh huh kind of sound.  We were worried, since they resemble llamas so much, that she was getting ready to spit at us.  I requested Jerry hold very still so I could get a good action shot.  However, turns out she was just worried and they rarely spit at people.
Their fleece is amazing!  We got to see the fleece on the alpacas and then compare the different fleeces from  one animal, as he was a youngster and then his fleece a year later.  They produce about 4-6 lbs of fleece a year. There was some yarn there, Sharon loves to creatively dye the yarn and free form the colors, and this yarn was not only beautiful, we wanted to rub it all over us!  :)  I will definitely be getting some yarn from her in the future.  (Her prices are very good, write her if you are a knitter or crocheter!)  There were some beautiful socks there and some things made in the Andes by the native people there of alpaca wool.
This is one of the farm's elder girls, I believe Sharon said she was 18 years old.  She is still getting around really well but is retired from having babies and just living her life out in peace and quiet and with her herd.  I love this!

And then there was Camille...a lovely baby.  I could have taken this one home.  Here is is with her mother:
"Ma!  Get up!  They have hot dogs here, and cupcakes, too!"
Look at that pretty and elegant face!
Of course, you all know me.  I had to make a picture pie in memory of this wonderful visit:
Camille's ear sort of floated off north during the baking process. But you all get the general idea!
We had just a wonderful time and learned so much about alpacas!

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