Sunday, September 18, 2011

Paradise Returned

Oh, my, yes.  I found it. Truly!
For paradise, you must have an apple tree.  Check.
For paradise you must have a snake.  Check.  (Saw the South end of a northbound snake.  I went south, myself.)
For paradise you need large bodies of water.  Check.
For paradise, you need sandy beaches.  Check.
For paradise, you need horses.  Check.
For paradise, you need lots of horses. Double Check.
But...something was just plain missing. For a long time now, I have been unable to put my finger on it.  Until yesterday, when I found, growing right here in South Central Kentucky:

Can you believe it?  I couldn't either and have seen several around the area, but this one is just about a mile from my house, so I stopped and got permission to photograph it.
To be truthful, the owner did tell me they bring it in every fall, cut all the leaves off and just pull it up and store it in the basement.  This tree is about 10 feet tall, though, I wonder what they will do when it's 20 feet tall?  :)
When we looked for a place to live, I found that this area is considered sub tropical based on the average temperatures and rainfall.  Now I know I am in paradise!

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