Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kentucky has its own Ice Cream!

Hey, look what I found at the grocery store today:
 Kentucky Delight (brown sugar ice cream, chocolate chunks, nuts, pie crust and caramel)
Is this not the coolest thing?  And sold only in Kentucky, so if you want it, you have to come here to buy it!  I will be trying this very soon, we wanted vanilla for chocolate sundaes tonight and only enough room in the fridge for one container of ice cream.  I feel so....disloyal!  I will be trying this soon and letting you all know how I like it.  I don't see how I cannot like it,it has all the things that I like in it!  I just hope the nuts are pecans, seems kinda UnSouthern to not have pecans in it, after all!  I wonder if this is based somewhat on what they call Derby pie.
Here's a recipe:
And a photo:
So we have a special ice cream and a special pie!  I am going to get soooo fat!  :)

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  1. Can I PLEASE come and live with you???