Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Plants in Kentucky

We have had a bunch of rain over the past couple of weeks, which has rejuvenated our pasture and yard.  This is following at least 6 weeks with little to no rain.  So things have been cropping up all over the pasture:

These are what we called Puffballs up north.  They start out very tiny, as they must but in just a few days are just enormous!  The horses have been having a great time pushing them all around.
And then we have this across the street from us.  I don't know what kind of plant/tree that it is, do you?  I'm not sure how big they get but with those size of leaves, raking would be a breeze!  Let me know if you have any idea at all what this is.  Those leaves are 2 feet or more across.

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