Monday, February 14, 2011

You Have to Feed them, They are the Kentucky State Bird!

I think it must be some kind of state law.  Because when it snows, they come around in droves. This would be the Cardinal, the lovely scarlet state bird.  They live here year round and when it snows, they are just brilliant flashes of red against the white snow. This is our snow storm of a couple of weeks ago, we got about 2 inches and all the birds line up at Kathy's Diner when it snows.

So far this year we have seen chickadees (not very many of these this winter, though), cedar waxwings, mockingbirds, blue birds (saw a couple of these the other day), juncoes, sparrows, lots of little finches including the larger purple finches and the cardinals.  The cardinals are the standouts, though, and just really tolerant of the other birds at the feeder.  Jerry's mom loved cardinals and we do, too!
"Pretty Bird" is our mockingbird, he sits in the trees around and calls "pretty bird". We think he must have been around a budgie bird at some point because he really says it fairly clearly.  He was guarding the one tree that has four feeders in it that we don't fill, I just needed a place to put them for the moment, and chased all the other birds away.  :)  Like it mattered. But it was HIS tree and no one was coming near HIS tree. Silly Pretty Bird.
This is Pretty Bird from this summer:
He liked to sit right at the top of the neighbor's red cedar tree and would call and call all day, then fly over to the tree in our front yard and tell everyone "pretty bird!".


  1. You have been blessed to live in 2 beautiful states, but if you can throw a rock and hit your neighbors roof, you don't live in the wilds of anywhere! Also shouldn't it read App's and a Fresian/Quarter cross? you must be getting senile:)

  2. All we get are SPARROWS! Nothing interesting. But we feed 'em anyway. :-)