Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just Slightly Off Topic

Well, Geez, maybe it isn't off topic.  Remember the post a little while back where I said that they cancelled school here if anyone even said the "S" word?  We are having a "storm" right now, started snowing just a little bit around noon and it's 5:00 now.  We have maybe 3 inches.  They have already cancelled school for tomorrow.
Jerry and I were in WalMart this morning and yep, the rush was on.  Fortunately I was shopping for other things besides actual food, although I did pick up a few things.  Someone sent me this picture of Austin, TX and I just had to share it, it is exactly how people down here feel about snow.
And you really can't blame them for that, because this really has been an unusual year. 100 degrees nearly every day in July and August and 90s throughout September.  Of course, I loved that part of it and thought maybe, just maybe, I would thaw out before winter got here.  Not quite but I was feeling much better about actually going outside without thinking about if I needed one sweatshirt or two. And yes, two summers ago, that is exactly what it was like in Michigan.  :) Even when I went up in August to get the last load of animals, it was quite chilly that evening and following morning when I picked them up.
We had an awesome Fall and then around Thanksgiving, things started to crumble a little bit with the weather.  I have been told that on average, there are just a couple of inches of snow every winter, and of course, this Dec/Jan/Feb we have had at least a foot total, I'm guessing.  I'll have to see if I can find the total accumulation for this area.
And what is that sound I hear now?  Oh, it's just Jerry shoveling the front porch, a sound I have not heard since last March or April.  :)  Took him exactly 2 minutes to do it, too.  You know, he's really good at this.  We both are.  I just took the trash out in the big container for the morning.  It was at least a mile out to the road and I went up hill both ways.  :)
So it's not just the Texans that are freaking out about snow.  But we are fine and this is nothing, really nothing, compared to what we have seen in 31 years living in Michigan.

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