Monday, February 21, 2011

A New "Picture Pie" and a new puppy photo

I know that everyone has been waiting patiently.  All I can say is I have two camera batteries that will not recharge and am going to buy new ones tomorrow night. I also had company all weekend so it was difficult to stop visiting and blog.  So we will start with the new Picture Pie.  I have a feeling I have started a new art form!  :)  This one is inspired by the 30 or so hummingbirds that hang around our yard and feeders in the summer.  It is a beef pot pie.  I hope you all like it!
Next is the adorable puppy photo.  I am so thankful that I could use Jerry's camera to get some nice photos so I can keep blogging.
And the best news of all, we got back the DM test results today.  Two girls are clear, two boys are clear, one girl needs to be retested and 3 babies are carriers.  None of these pups will die of DM and not one will cause their owners anguish as they watch their dog die a slow death from it.  It can be done....just test and try to improve in each generation.  That's all that needs to be done.  You don't have to eliminate any dog at all from a breeding program, just try to breed up and keep a pup or two that has a better test result than what you started with.
Enough of the lecture.
Hayley had her teeth cleaned today and a rather large cyst taken off.  She'd had some trouble eating and so I am hopeful that this will help her out.  She had a McDouble for dinner. Somehow, she did just fine with that.  :)  The cyst was not tested, at Hayley's age, I really couldn't see the point.  She is very tired, she fretted at the office and then in the car.  She had her burger and a good drink and I would be really surprised if she even gets up this evening.  Poor old lady. Everyone please say a little prayer for her....

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  1. How's Hayley feeling today? Did she have anesthesia? I'd be too chicken to do that with Dixie although I know clean teeth are important.