Tuesday, February 22, 2011

But this is a blog about Kentucky!

Well, yeah, it is.  And the puppies live here. So they qualify.
As I've mentioned, there is not a battery for the camera, it has apparently lost its memory, so I am cameraless.  I went today to try and get one but they were out, so will try at Radio Shack tomorrow. That means I had to go through some photos to find something to write about.  
Today's story involves a little corgi named Freckle, so named because he has a little black spot on the left side of his white muzzle.  Freckle is a pretty cute little dude and very smart.  He kept getting out of the pool and then I rigged up the first playpen and in no time at all, he was over the board that allows Tabitha to step over and visit and feed the pups, and to escape for a little personal time when she is done.  Except that Freckle figured out how to get out.  And worse, he was rewarded with a full tittie every time he did because Tabitha was in the bedroom.  What a motivation!  We had to be careful when we got up at night because we didn't want to step on a small black puppy.
Then one morning when I got up, this is what I found:

Tabitha likes to sleep on the dog bed in the bedroom with the fleecie on top of it.  And little Freckle decided that this was just a fine old idea and he climbed up there, too.  He was the ONLY puppy with HIS Mommie!  At some point, I put him (fruitlessly, I might add) back into the pen and put Tabitha out.  Then I came back into the bedroom to make the bed to find this:
Hayley is his great great I forget how many greats grandmother.  She sleeps in until around 9 or 10 most mornings.  And this little pup just goes and cuddles up next to her.  She managed to sleep through most of it, though.
Oh, yeah, for those who are getting one of these babies, see that little mark on the furniture?  It was made by a Kallista corgi who was unattended.  Expect these to magically appear throughout your house in the next year.  It just sort of happens.

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