Saturday, February 5, 2011

And the Floors are done! (Mostly)

And here is the final result:

The grout was still wet, so there was a difference in the color for the moment and it will all darken down as soon as Jerry gets a sealer on it.  He got some of the baseboards put up today but expect we will go and get some tomorrow so this can be finished up. We've waited so long!  
It was cleaned twice today but that scuz they put on the floor, the grouting, takes a while to get removed and I just have a personal Universal Law about mopping the same floor more than twice a day. And anyway, Hayley went out and peed on it since we had no champagne to break on it!  We got some things moved out there, still will need to paint the walls, put up a different kitchen light and do the threshholds.  But the hardest part is done and now we can just pick at it as we please.  What a relief!  Tile floors are a snap to keep cleaned up and with a dog household, we were desperately in need of the tile!
This is Hayley in October, before the new floors were started. We'd torn up the carpet but that was all at this point.  She approves of the new floors!


  1. Hayley looks terrific!

  2. Hayley looks wonderful. I still miss her wonderful brother Gabriel. He enriched our lives for almost 15 years.