Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Evening Adorableness

Now I know everyone has been so patient this week and to reward you all, I give you not one, but TWO adorable puppy videos!  They are now 5 weeks and 3 days old.  If you go back to the older posts and see the other videos, you can see how much they develop every week.  Today I am looking at them and they have crossed the line from infants to toddlers. They can scamper and scurry, they can pick things up and hold on to them tight while some other pup tries to take it away. They are interested in their toys and the Giants who seem to spend a lot of time making coo-ing noises to them.  They come when I call "puppy puppy".  And they have been moved to the big puppy pen in the kitchen area.  They have a lot more room to play and in a few days, we will increase the play area and decrease the peeing area so they learn to seek out papers to go on.  They will also start to go outside tomorrow for short times since the weather is so mild here right now.  That will give me a chance to really clean the pen out throughly 3 times a day or so.
In a couple of days they will be allowed "Playtime!" which means free run of the front room to explore, run and play in.  I still have to puppy proof this room.
Here are the puppies checking out the new living quarters this afternoon after I put them in for the first time:

And here they are after I added their toys:


  1. Those are THE most impossibly adorable puppies ever put on this earth! I love the little guy with the very loud little "rowrf!". And ganging up on the one with the toy everyone wants, hee hee! Love them and want them all, Millie!!

  2. That is an awful lot of cute in one place!