Friday, February 25, 2011

Spring is about to Sprung!

Yesterday I saw four robins in the front yard.  A couple of days before that, I saw Happiness, the Bluebird out there, looking very happy.  The temperatures have been in the 50s and 60s, today a bit cooler but it was also quite overcast and rainy. Right now we are expecting a strong burst of weather to come across here around midnight, heavy rains and some wind.  The dogs have been tucked into bed and I hope to sleep through the whole thing.
Here is a lovely sunset that we saw a couple of days ago:
And, yes, this is what I found in our yard yesterday!  I was so excited to see this in February.  I wouldn't see this until late April or early May in Michigan:
What is that?  What is it I see?  Is it the enemy, the most annoying weed in Michigan?  I used to slay them in my front yard.  Yes, OMG, it is a DANDELION!
However, here in Kentucky, it is very welcome because you know what?  I don't care.  They can grow all they want.  I have a yard with grass and various weeds and that is just fine.  They all mow down the same and I'm not trying to impress clients with my perfect yard.  So grow little dandelion, and if you are very, very lucky, Jewel or Gazelle won't eat you. :)
And of course, the most important thing, more videos of the puppies!  I moved their Playtime from the front room to the kitchen.  There were just too many computer wires and things to get behind and under out in the big front room and there is still plenty of room to run in the kitchen.  I have four videos, so get a coke and a snack, and enjoy!

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