Monday, January 17, 2011

A week old!

Even though the pups were born a week ago on Thursday (today is Monday, so they were 11 days old today) I took some photos on their week old birthday.  Everyone is so excited, waiting for their pups to grow up!

In the third and fourth photo, to the right, the pup with the big spot is Diva, the only one named right now.  She is the smallest one but a mighty little soul is she!  She is going to be like Aisling, her great great aunt.  Aisling's full title is The Beautiful But Evil Yet Terribly Misunderstood Aisling.  Aisling says these pups are hers and it's so obvious since Diva is certainly her child.  She wants me to set up a puppy registry, she would like an iPad, DVD player and a 4 G whatever that is. She saw it on tv and so she wants one.  Aisling is Susan Lucci in a dog body.  She is a free spirit and does as she pleases, is incredibly intelligent and figures things out, particularly where there is food involved.  If you go to The Watching Story blog, you can look thru the old posts, there are a couple there.  I'm typing this on the way out the door to work so can't look it up right now, just wanted to get this up so everyone can ooh and aah over pretty pups. Anyhow, Aisling says they are hers and Tabi is just taking care of them for her.  On Aisling's last litter, she was trying to get the chickens to raise them for her.  :) 
Back to Diva, if she has a concern, she YELLS!  Where is my tittie?  I am COLD!  I am LOST!  And she peeps this mighty peep until some human somewhere comes tearing into the room and gives her what she wants.  She has climbed up on Tabi's neck and on her belly when Tabi sleeps on her back (open milk bar at that point, a place for everyone!).  She is going to be a little feisty one, I think, fearless and brave.  I find the little ones usually are more daring, for some reason.
I'll try to remember to come back and put in the links for Aisling's posts for those of you who have not read it.
Home, now, here are the two posts on Aisling:


  1. They are beautiful :-). Nothing says love better than a pile of puppies, especially corgis...

  2. Beautiful litle tri babies.
    Nancy in Kingston