Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh, she is soooo fat.....

This is Tabitha, who is due to have pups sometime in the next 72 hours or so.  She didn't finish her dinner tonight, and from her progesterone test two months ago, Saturday is the target day.  So I am not watching her too closely right now.  She has decided that under the deck would be a fine place to raise a family, though, and thank goodness we fenced that off some months back.
These photos were actually taken about a week ago, and she is much bigger.  According to her weight, she should have six but I think she will have 8.  She has given everything to her babies, she is eating but thin and so I believe she has more in there than I usually estimate due to weight.
She is literally dragging the floor!  Poor girl.  We are having a natural whelping this time, I loved the convenience of a planned c section but since she is due during the weekend, we will just let Nature take its course.
So soon there will be more little Kallista babies playing in the house.
Tomorrow the tile man will be here and hopefully the floors will be done in just a few days.  Jerry got the run in shed done today, the important part.  He will line it tomorrow with wood so that horses have a little more wind protection.  I'll try and get a photo of it to share with you all.
In the meantime, everyone say a prayer for Tabi, her babies and me.....

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