Friday, January 28, 2011

Learning How To Play

It is so enjoyable to see these little ones learn to walk, staggering about, getting their balance and discovering the world.  On Wednesday, I had to replace the whelping pool with an ex pen and a board so Tabi could get in and out ok and pups could not escape.  This opens up more space for them, I decrease the blankie size and that gives them more room on the papers.  This is good because then they get up, wander to the papers and pee/poop.  It's early paper training at its best and will make it very easy for pups to transition to new homes, if they feel they can't hold it and the humans aren't paying attention, they can have a paper to address if necessary.
This is a little longer video, about two minutes.
And remember that three weeks prior to this, they were safe and warm in Tabi's belly.....

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