Sunday, January 9, 2011

For this, they cancelled school on Friday

Yep, this is it.  The road on the way to work on Friday.  Apparently, people down here go into a frenzy if they hear the "S***" word mentioned on TV. They mob WalMart, water, milk, bread, sandwich meat.  Probably ought to (arter) get a couple of new thick winter coats, too, while we are about it.  At least enough food for a week, wait, make that ten days, remember the big ice storm of '09?  The above is what I usually call a "dusting" of snow, just a little bit, enough to stick but will be gone in a couple of hours.  They called school here in the county the night before because of the S word.
And that's not all, the kids went to school the Monday before Christmas and then didn't go back the rest of the week because of the S word.  Then they were off all the week between Christmas and New year's day.  Then off most of the week after, too, due to the S word. We had about 4" of snow on Christmas, it was pretty and just nice.

Above is up the road a bit, below is off our front deck.  OK, now this is serious snow for here. But most of it left in a few days. This IS our "cold" season down here, ranging from 23 to 46 degrees.
Here are the horses:
They did some running and frisking in the snow, they seem to like it a lot!  Right now we have about an inch, it did continue to fall overnight on Friday night and I had to go to one of the bigger towns here on Saturday morning.  Most of the roads were deserted until I actually got to town, then it picked up somewhat.
I think the big "storm" that is coming to the south of us will mostly miss us but bring some ice/snow to the states below us, TN, AL and Mississippi, Georgia.  We have a little predicted, less than an inch.
I guess I have to go to work tomorrow.

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  1. I'm chuckling! They just don't know how to handle snow down there. To Michiganders that little dusting is NOTHING! Adele in Michigan