Sunday, August 14, 2011

Trompe l'oiel in Kentucky

I see a LOT of this down here.  I'm not exactly sure why.  It could be that there is an art teacher somewhere who loves this stuff (as I do) or it could be that there are artists with itchy fingers wanting to paint a blank wall into something interesting and fun.  
Here is an article on it:
I have taken some photos of some pretty darn good artists' works down here.  I'll add to this blog as I find more but I see these EVERYWHERE down here.  I wish I had one of the building in Michigan, though.  It looked like the bricks had broken on the side of a building and you were looking through the whole to a whole galaxy.  I thought it was amazing.  It wasn't real technical but the artist still did a great job and showed a rich imagination.
This one is in downtown Glasgow:
What a neat way to fix an old crappy wall!  And bear in mind, this is their BACK door...just to make it a little fun for everyone to see.
This artist was really, really ambitious.  And he likes big girls. Big, big girls:

Above and below is the other side of the Big Girls building:

Not real fancy but really looks like a real batch of storefronts, doesn't it?
There is another wall I need to get a photo of in Edmonton, but haven't had the chance when I go through there.
This is kind of my favorite, though on a feed company's wall facing a busy road.  This is their warehouse:

Cows could technically be a little more realistic but then, the picture as a whole is wonderful.  You look down at the building and it's "open" and filled with cows eating their grain!
Hope you all enjoyed this!


  1. I remember when the 'big girls' were freshly painted. THe paints chipping away now. Pity. The 'cows' are only a couple of years old. Love it!