Saturday, August 13, 2011

Five Amazing Things Seen In the Sky at the Same Time Tonight

We had a friend over for dinner tonight and after she left, we stood out in the yard for a while.  There were five amazing things we saw in the course of an hour.  As you all know from reading my posts, the skies here are absolutely incredible, the blueness, the giant fluffy clouds I remember from when I was a kid, the sunsets and sunrises.  But tonight was special.  We had a rather fast but hard hitting thunderstorm come over.  It only lasted about 20 minutes but brought some much needed rain.  Lightning hit very close to us and right now as I type this, I can see the lights from the linemen up on the hill working on the electric pole there.  So now I know what it hit.
First was the rainbow, which I did not get a photo of.  It was a full one and went from the north to the south.  I suggested we search for the pot of gold but no one wanted to go tramping through wet vegetation to do that.  I have seen more rainbows here than I did in all my years up north.
Next is the first video of a thunderstorm to the south east of us.  The sun was setting and down behind the horizon.  I grabbed the camera and caught this:

Here is a second video a few minutes later, it had gotten darker and the lightning showed up better here:

When I was done with that video, Jerry said, "Look!  It's the space station" and we watched it go from South to North East.  Stupidly, I nearly forgot to get the video.  Unfortunately, although I can see it on my camera, it doesn't show up on youtube.  The sky was blue, the light was bright and steady but so far away that the camera just couldn't pick it up.
Then, we observed bats.  Now usually we have a couple that come around and hunt mosquitoes every night and we welcome the little critters.  But after the storm there must have been lots of bugs stirred up because we saw a couple of dozen.  We live about 3 miles from one cave and then there are several about 6 miles to the north of us.  We hardly ever see mosquitoes in spite of having four ponds here.

There is a disease that is taking over the bats in our country. I think it is called white..nose? disease. Something like that. They are terrified that the bats in Mammoth cave will get it.  So they really question everyone who enters as to whether they have been in a cave, and where and with those shoes.  Bats are important to our environment and are great little bug catchers.
Currently the full moon is rising just behind the storms to our south east, which are still going on.  What a wonderful sight!  I am not good at night shots, though, so didn't try to take a photo of that.
I was so pleased to see these neat events in our sky tonight and wanted to share them all with you as best as I could.  The clouds all day here were wonderful, fluffy, very, very tall and high.  Jerry said it was tens of thousands of feet tall and he knows, having worked at an airport.

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