Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This and That

I decided to start going through the photos that I have not shared (or maybe I have shared some of these) from the time we got down here. So this is July, 2010, and a view of the Eastern sunset.  The western one was probably pretty, too, but we have noticed that the colors in the east are just as pretty most days.  It's peaceful in the valley that we look out over.
Here is Goodness who decided that the empty planter was a very cool place to get away from the other corgis:
For those who wonder where the name Goodness came from, we had a litter of three girls, Shirley, Goodness and Mercy.  :)
When we got here there were dozens of morning glories on the porch.  They were gorgeous.  Until they died in the fall and I had to clean up the mess.  Which took me most of 2 hours to do.  So I have been killing them off as I find them.  I wonder why they don't grow up along the darn fence where the horses are?

There were some volunteer sunflowers coming up from the birdseed that Rose had fed through the winter.  A little finch came to eat the seeds:

Dear Hayley had a hard trip down here and it took her several weeks to settle in and realize we had a new home.  Here she works on reviving her energy:
Tabi wasn't sure what was going on, either, but she liked the couch a lot. They all also lie on the back of the back rest.  It's really wide, just right for a corgi nap:
Trinity likes the couch, too, and has probably stolen this treat from someone to eat in peace.  They are sweeter when you steal them:
Looking out the front of our house, a wonderful hill and so beautiful all the time, even in the wintertime:
A Rose of Sharon in full bloom (several colors planted together so there are different layers of flowers here:
We didn't have shade in the backyard so I hooked up my pop up tent and a shade tarp so the dogs had a cool place to go to.

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