Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Flower Gardens

I took some photos today but apparently they did not transfer correctly to the computer so will have to try that again later on.  Or somehow they ended up in another folder, which is more probable.  I'll try and dig them up tomorrow and figure out where they are.
Here in Kentucky, stuff GROWS.  I mean it really grows...Everything I have planted has thrived except for some nasturtiums that the sun baked in 90+ weather.  So I thought it was probably too late to plant again, this was maybe in mid June.  Oh, no!  I found out many farmers down here plant two plantings a year, say winter wheat through the wintertime and then cut that down and raise corn or tobacco through the summer.  Unfortunately, this also applies to weeds.
So here are some photos for you to enjoy!  These are from the backyard:

And this is a beautiful view over the hills:

These zinnias are huge, nearly the biggest flowers I have ever planted except for one year in that other place I used to live, :), I had some Amaranth and that got about 6 feet tall.  I can't imagine what it might do down here.
These are some hardy, native hibiscus that are overgrown in the veggie garden that the weeds took over.  We are going to move them to a better spot in a few days, I think:

We bought another pink one that is planted in the front yard now, along with two crape myrtles.  These end up being enormous bushes and loads of flowers through July and August.  We have Rose of Sharons, probably a dozen of them planted around, that are quite large and bloom nearly all summer.  The Tulip Tree grew blooms twice this year, in April and then again last month.
Here is the rose garden that we did out front in late May:
These roses have tripled in size and I'm not exaggerating.  They all looked so cute and tiny in this photo.  One of the photos that I lost somewhere on the computer will show how much it's grown in just two months.  Before I planted this garden, though, I planted basically the same thing by the kitchen entrance garden.  I used some monkey grass that has some long name that I can never remember.  It's monkey grass, everyone knows that.  :)  I did that instead of the hostas.  Both the hostas and the monkey grass came out of the backyard where I feared that the dogs would eventually kill it.
But it got hot, really hot.  And the weeds started to grow.  So I sprayed them once, then thought they would stay gone.  Wrong!  They are back and huge. But so are the roses.  Anyhow, this is what it started out to look like after the first big weed killing off, I had started to lay down some landscape cloth.  This was in early June:
It was just so hot when I got home every day that I didn't want to work in the garden.  So the weeds grew up fast again.  And here is Tom Cat, who belongs to the neighbors, and he has decided that he really likes this garden a lot!
I took some really nice photos of him and will print them up for the neighbors. But you can see how the weeds tried to take over!
So now I have to go find the new photos that the computer put "somewhere" else.  More tomorrow, I hope.

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  1. Oooh, all your flowers look so pretty! Well done, Millie!