Sunday, August 21, 2011

Photos from a year ago

 Now, remember that I told you all that I had so many photos from the last year?  Here are some from about a year ago.
We have Tabi on the back of the couch. The corgis really love this couch, there is a wide back area and they are up high.  We had some problems with them leaping over it but when we separated the two couches and made a traffic path through them, voila!  No more leaping off the back of it.  We had lived here for some weeks before Kathy sat on one end one day and for some reason, stuck her hand down between the cushions, felt something and thought it was the tv remote. Being ever helpful, she grasped whatever it was and tried to bring it up.  The back of the area she was sitting in went down and her feet went up!  I was sitting there and talking to her and the expression was turns out that there was a recliner in that part of the couch!  So I leapt up and started to pull down cushions and I found there was also a queen sized hide a bed there!  We have used this for company a couple of times, it is a bit public but hey, it works.  :)  That was a lovely bonus for us, since the previous owner had left the couch behind.  By the way, in the deep South we called them sofas when I was growing up.  In Denver they are called couches.  In Ohio they are called davenports (took me a while to figure this out when I lived up there) and in Ontario they are called Chesterfields.  There.  You have learned some new trivia today!
Here is a beautiful moon rise in the evening just after sunset:
I caught this photo of Kentucky,one of the world's cutest corgi pups, hiding in the child's play slide that the pups like to play in and hide under.  It was just so cute with his little eye watching what I was doing and so very sure that he was undetected:
This is our breezeway, for lack of a better term.  A long room between the garage and the house.  It was used as an aviary for the owner who built this place, has skylights in it.  But an ugly concrete floor. So I got Lowe's to come out and put in a new asphalt floor like what they have in the supermarkets.  It looks wonderful but just a bit of advice, I was way overcharged for the skill and effort this took to put in.  It probably took the man 2-3 hours to do it.  So don't go to Lowe's or other home stores to have this done. They had given us an estimate to do the floors in the house in tile (not all of it, just the main area) for $10,500, just for labor. I had the brains to walk away from that one.  In any case, the workman did a great job and it is a snap to clean up, as I want all my floors to be.  In this room, I have a raised tub, air conditioning and all the comforts of home for bathing and grooming my dogs and having a place for the girls to go into isolation when they are in season.  It's not particularly organized in this photo.  I have almost all the boxes unpacked or at least in a place where they need to be so they can be unpacked.  Currently I am in a "the stuff is more or less where it needs to be, so now let's actually organize it and make it look good".  I started in the kitchen this morning, moved some things around and am satisfied with the one counter.
I move things from here to there, why is the address book on the kitchen counter, it belongs on the desk sort of thing.  Unless you have moved with this amount of stuff, animals and trying to get basically out of someone else's house and leave, you will never understand this concept.  I still have curtains to make, etc, a lot of things to do.  And found a wonderful place to buy curtain material yesterday so now have to find some time to measure the window and decide what to do with that big window.  And what color, etc.  :)
Here is one of my favorite photos of Jerry. This was taken the morning after he arrived here:
He had gotten here about mid afternoon the day before, Kathy and I had decided to knock off and go get a sandwich or a coke or something at McDonald's.  Jerry had called a couple of hours before and said he was nearly here.  I thought we had just enough time to go and when we pulled in the parking lot, I was looking at a car that was an exact replica of ours.  Huh?  I walked over to see and sure enough, Jerry had stopped for something to eat.  It was the first time he had driven down here on his own, he was hungry and decided to eat something before coming home.  We walked into the place and he was there, standing in line, so I walked up and touched his arm and said "Hi" and he turned and looked at me and smiled one of the happiest smiles I have ever seen on his face. We'd been separated for two months with just one quick short trip up north for me to get the rest of the goats and another small load of "stuff".  We all sat and ate and he was so excited to nearly "home".  So he followed us home then.  And because Google maps has us on the wrong side of the road, he kept trying to turn that way and did so for several weeks afterwards!  He just got it in his head that is where the house was.
Anyhow, he took his cup of coffee out and just sat there, looking at the beautiful view and was out there for quite some time.  A long journey for him, not in terms of miles traveled the past two days but in terms of the whole moving process over the past few months.

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