Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Let's Just Chat Today! :)

I have had computer woes again.  The modem decided to die on us.  So after spending some time on the phone with the very nice and actually understandable Pakistani gentleman, they said they would send us a new one (for a huge charge, of course!).  It arrived yesterday evening so I spent another hour on the phone with a nice but not so understandable Pakistani lady and we managed to get the settings and things fixed, so now, thankfully, we have the internet back.  (Kisses computer, so happy to have radar again with the storms that have been moving through.)

Apparently I also dropped a crumb near the computer because it now has ants.  Which I fixed with flea spray.  It works great.  :)  And the old modem has been placed in a box to go back to "Peggy" in Pakistan.  Or maybe it was New Jersey.  Same difference.  (You have to see the commercial with "Peggy" in it to understand this paragraph.)

So I am cooking a chocolate cake while I do this.  They usually celebrate birthdays at work with some kind of treat but somehow, in the spring rush, they forgot mine.  Fine.  I'll cook my own darn cake, thank you very much!  Maybe I will take it into my office and eat it all by myself, too.  So there.

In the meantime, Kathy made us this cake for Easter:
He is made out of two round cake pieces, Kathy cut them out and isn't he just adorable?  All three of us gobbled him down in about two days.
Then she made a chicken cake for Hayley:
Oh, how Hayley loved this cake!  All the corgis got a slice and all pronounced it very yummy!  There is some leftover, and we have been using bits of it to get Cookie's painkillers down her.  She doesn't object to the chicken cake at all!
Anyhow, here is Hayley with her birthday cake.  And she ate the brownies I got for her and tonight she gets to have a pig ear:

Now as you all know, none of my posts would be complete without a sunrise or sunset of some kind.  So here is a sunrise we had last week:
I'm starting to think they are like snowflakes, they are all different and I love each one, from the most delicate and soft ones to the blazing "it's gonna be a great day!" ones.
On to gardening.  Here is the garden we hope to get dug up if it ever stops raining:
It was sadly neglected last summer, and fall, just had no time to work in it. We have a rototiller lined up from a friend but need to wait until it's not muck.  Another few days and it will be ready to work in.  Lots of veggies and some flowers to try and keep bugs out of it.  The guineas do a great job with the bugs around here and I have 15 new ones ordered to help out with the work here.
Here is the little flower garden which I am turning into a rose garden:
It still needs work but is coming along. All the little pots out front have been planted with nasturtiums and zinnias.  More zinnias for the back yard, too.  I have six knockout roses planted and some little flowers that look like tiny carnations, have forgotten for the moment what they are, but very dark pink and should look great.  I think I will paint the little pots white, too, for contrast.
There are two azalea bushes here, this is the darker one, the other is a medium coral color. So pretty!
And we have the hillside which is now all green. The goats and horses are in heaven, all they want to eat and plenty of room to roam around in and also to run.
Just so nice on the eyes, isn't it?
Last, and this is the really great news, we have new BABIES here!  Blizzard, the little one who lost her ears in the stupid winters up north, now has two baby bucklings.  They are gorgeous!  The white one will look like his mom and the brown one will look like the sire, Blaze. These are both of their first babies.  

He will be a blue roan like his dam, with brown stockings (Blizzard has black stockings).
His brother will be what is called a buckskin:
Both of these sweeties will be sold, as I have five boys already.  They are really nice ones!
So that is the news for this week.  I think I have one more goat that is pregnant and then there is one that I think is just fat.  I didn't have the set up to be able to breed much this fall and was lucky, I think, to even get two bred.  The other mother to be is Clare, who is Blizzie's dam, and I bred her to Splash.  They should be very nice babies, too.
That cake is ready now.  Come on over for a slice!

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  1. Great running commentary and photos to see your place, Millie! Love seeing what you get to look out on everyday! Very beautiful countryside! :-) I'll have to put up the video of the bridge crossing that I shot last week on my blog for a comparison. Not half as pretty! :-) Pat the goats for me!