Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hayley's Sweet Sixteen Birthday!

Her birthday is tomorrow!  She looks marvelous!  So I prepared last week by buying her some neat goodies, some "Brownie Bites" which are actually carob, for dogs, 2 pigs' ears and some special neat cookies that look like frosted brownies:

I know, I know, it's really bad form to leave price tags on the gifts.  But she never saw them so it was ok, I think.  
I decided to start giving the treats on Monday night, but when I came in from outside, Jerry had already given Hayley her night cookies, those little ones that look like cheese nips, and a pupperoni or two.  Uh oh!  Will she have room?  Well, turns out she did.  Of course she did, she is a purebred corgi, after all, and mother of The Beautiful But Evil Yet Terribly Misunderstood Aisling, Food Queen of all Food in the Universe.  So I handed Hayley one of the "chocolate" brownies.  She took a quick look and then went back to eating her cheese cookies. Wait...just a minute...what?  She did such a fast double take and I'd wished I'd had it on video.  She abandoned the cheese cookies and really enjoyed eating the brownie:

Oh, what bliss!  She loved the brownie and ate every crumb!  So last night I decided to video tape the Brownie Enjoyment:

Now you have watched a full three minutes of an elderly dog eating a cookie.  And you call this a life?  :)  OK, so go and do something, like go to Dairy Queen and raise a cone to a frisky old lady dog who still enjoys life and is not ready to leave us any time soon at all!

I love you, Hayley Boo Banana Nut Bread Chocolate Brownie Girl!


  1. Happyhappyhappy birthday to one amazing very venerable corgi girl from another almost as venerable admirer.
    Kisses from Betony

  2. Hayley sure looks wonderful. It looks like she had a wonderful birthday!