Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring is Bustin' out all over!

I have been taking photos for the past month and here are some of our lovely spring!  First we will begin with the daffodils.  These were taken in late February:
Of course, we wouldn't see the likes of these until mid May up north.  Don't you just love it?  :)  Now there is a vacant lot in town that had hundreds of daffodils growing in it.  I went and picked some for the house and for work and found these:
I don't know if this is some kind of established hybrid or if it is just a mutation, but aren't they cool?  I just loved these!
Next is the little forsythia out back.  My gosh, forsythias in early March.  it's really hard to imagine!
And then one day in very early March, we found these trees down by the Kmart.  I am not sure what they are but we were day they were bare and the next two days they were covered in blooms.  This is a time when everything is bleak, cold and bare as well as grey in Northern Michigan. And we have blooming trees down here!
And then I discovered the one plant out front that kept getting these very fat buds on it. Last summer I had thought it was some kind of fig tree because of the thick and odd shaped leaves.   I was delighted to discover this is what we called a Tulip Tree in Florida but up north they are magnolias and magnolia is the species type.  Not a true magnolia, though.  However, I have always loved these and they get quite big down here, there are a lot of very old ones in some of the yards:

Above is the little tree all dressed up for Spring.  It only lasted about a week because of the stiff wind we had one day, but it was gorgeous while it lasted.
About this same time, the Barrett Pear trees bloomed.  This is a tree that is quite popular down here, medium sized, fast growing and covered with zillions of littlle white flowers.  They are everywhere down here.  They are a pretty,, round tree, and have a lot of leaves so they make great shade:

Here are some of the red bud trees. These were trees that my momma really loved.  We didn't have them in Florida when I was growing up but I know she and Daddy spent some time at Oak Ridge and am guessing she saw them there. They are such a gorgeous pink and they last a long time:
I thought this was neat, this little bird is checking out the bird feeder from the beautiful tree:
Right now the flowering crab trees are in full bloom as well as the dogwoods.  I'll try and get some photos of that tomorrow.
Last, here is a photo out of my kitchen window.  No curtains, I took down the ones that were there and am trying to decide what kind to put up there.
I can't believe I've already put up 48 blogs or so!  And still so many photos that I haven't shared.  Stay tuned and enjoy!

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