Sunday, April 3, 2011

Computer Woes

It's been almost a month.  I had computer woes and it had to spend several days in the shop, then some info on some programs was lost and they wouldn't run.  So I had to spend some time hunting down the missing components.  Now it runs perfectly and I'm very pleased.  In the meantime, I took lots of photos and found lots of ideas for new blogs.

So I am back and with that, will post a few more photos of the pups.  They are now 12 weeks old, four have gone to new homes and another one leaves this week.  They have been allowed access to the back yard and are growing and very sweet, I am very pleased with how the litter turned out!

I will write more often now that I have a cooperative computer and printer (how I plug in the photos to the photo program).

This pup is Carlie and she is staying here:
Next is Little Spot, now called Bug, and Freckle who looks like his new name will be Dillon.  Bug lives with Ginny and Dillon is going to Pam this week.  She is so excited she can hardly stand it! I believe that is Kitten toward the rear by herself and the one on the far end looks to me like Freckle Nose who is now called Jackson.  The two sideways ones must therefore be Zophia and Carlie.  I think.  :)

Here is Little Spot/Bug and Freckle/Dillon:
And this is Zophia:

Little Spot/Bug and Freckle/Dillon again:
More tomorrow!


  1. They are all growing so fast! Diva has really gotten big in her two weeks here!
    ... Deb Landon

  2. Those pups are SO ADORABLE!! Millie, they are the cutest bunch I've ever seen of yours. Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. your pups are all so very nice ... you must be very proud.... a lovely litter....

    Joyce Lamb

  4. I lovelovelove them! It's great that Carlie is staying with you.

  5. Beautiful puppies, wonderful breeder. What more can I say