Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cumberland Gap Redux

This past week, my friend Jan visited us and we planned a trip to Cumberland Gap. We were to meet some other friends, Susie and Wayne, and have a picnic lunch as well as visit (as Jan calls it) our second favorite store in the world, which is the gift shop there.  Oh, man, do they have some lovely things!  Jan had sent me a VISA gift card for Christmas and I'd saved it just for that trip.

We got up very early and got rolling, with Jan's Heart and two of my pups, Zophia and Carlie.  The weather was fine, but we knew it was supposed to deteriorate over the day.  As we passed through Middleburg, I saw a Penney's and stopped in as I'd been needing a new pair of tennis shoes, my barn shoes are in tatters and it really looks bad to wear them to the grocery store.  Thankfully, I found a pair on sale that I liked really well.

Then to the Gap and some shopping, which we accomplished rather quickly, really.  I got a new necklace (thank you, Jan!) and a couple of wooden things that have a marble in them that can be attached to the wall to hang up a towel.  I can't explain them but they are really cool and will look good in the remodeled bathroom, whenever that time arrives.

Ah, but the weather.  It got overcast and the wind had picked up but we really didn't notice it much til we got up to the Pinnacle of the Gap:

The video doesn't quite do it justice, but it was magnificent, as Jan says, "it was exhilarating  without being scary".  
I also came up with a new hairdo.  I think it's pretty innovative, and has even more loft than the Farrah cut of 30 years ago:
We came down the mountain to the special two picnic tables halfway down and had a wonderful picnic lunch.  The people who had been there when we went up were gone.  But maybe it was because of the sign:
Um....Susie brought us fried chicken. So we watched the woods anxiously as the wind tried to blow away our paper plates and cokes.  But we didn't see any bears.
I have Zophia and Jan is holding Carlie.  They had a good time with the big corgis who came, too.
My hair seems have to have lost its loft in these photos.  I'll have to find some stronger mousse, I guess.

The best thing was, though, the cake Susie brought along from Food City.  OMGosh do they make great cake and in colors never found in nature, which of course, is the best kind of color on a cake!  :)  Yes, it is my birthday.  Yes, I am turning 32 this year.  Of course I still look really great for someone at the advanced age of 32.  My age is determined by "MillieMath", and the book will be written in the future.  The complexities of the equation that I arrived at this age is really too difficult for most people to understand but if you ask me, I can tell you how old you really are.
 It was really, really GOOD cake!
April birthdays will also include Hayley's birthday, who will be 16 this year.  

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