Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I know that there have been some small earthquakes around the nation lately, California, the east coast, even Oklahoma.  These have NOT been caused by the usually tectonic plates moving about.  No, not at all.  They have been caused by my mother.  How, you may ask, did this happen?
Well, turns out Momma rolled over in her grave last week.  Yes, indeed, my highly educated, double degree'd mom heard something come out her daughter's mouth.  It wasn't French.  Hell, it wasn't even Anglo Saxon, the only other language that I can speak besides English....  :)
It was the word "ain't".  I said it in an actual sentence to an actual person.
Now this wasn't just a fun "I AIN'T gonna do that..." kind of statement where you might use the word to make an emphasis on something.  Oh, no, this was in casual conversation.  I thought, "did I just say ain't in a sentence?"  And yes, I had.
I know that we belong to the family of primates and one of the things about primates is that they imitate things.  There was a sister in the parochial school I attended, in the 9th grade.  She was a dear lady and I loved her a lot. She taught social studies but had a fascinating habit of lifting her eyebrows into a surprised look about every 10 seconds.  I have never seen anyone do this since.  And I actually started to do it to see what it felt like and then it wasn't quite a habit but, it seemed I was doing it some.  And once I realized this, I made an effort to stop it.
So I know that we imitate facial expressions and also speech patterns.  I have been very careful to not say some of the things that are said down here, ain't being one of them.  I have started to pick up the habit of saying "you need to get you some pancakes for breakfast" instead of "you need to get some pancakes for breakfast".  I have never heard this extra use of the word you anywhere else and do say it on occasion.  I have not said "I need to carry Jerry to town" instead of "I need to take Jerry to town".  There are lots of other idioms that I hear, I smile about and I try not to say.  :)
Will this keep me from being a genuine redneck?  Gosh, I hope not.  I am hearing my voice soften, though, drawing out words like nine and five, and I'm not saying "no problem" instead of "thank you" so much anymore.  You really do imitate a lot in life.

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