Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Boyfriend and I get really serious....

As we say down here, "Ain't he purdy?"  All grown up, five years old now and a few months of training under his cinch.  No, I am not on his mouth, just started to ask him to back when this photo was taken.  We were working on baby steps here.
And here we had worked on trotting.  My inner thigh muscles were sore from holding on the first time a couple of days ago but for this ride I was fine.  I used the new saddle I bought for him two years ago.  Very comfortable and my knees didn't hurt when I got off.  Oh, yeah, getting up was accomplished without too much drama.  He's least 16 hands, I will try to measure him next time I go.  The round pen was ankle deep in mud but I found a lower place to have him stand so I could get up on myself.  This is a real accomplishment!  Shopping has commenced for a mounting block.  I think I would do ok if the ground was level and not deep in mud.
Jacques is doing very well and will be coming home this week for a little more getting the feel of him in our round pen, some rides around the property and then off to the trails!
I've waited a very long time for this.
Oh, by the way, that is him at about 6 months old in the little photo on the blog, if you want to see how adorable he was when I bought him.
Gone Ridin'. 
The End.


  1. Jacques is a truly handsome fellow and I'm so glad you're finally getting to ride him. Enjoy!!

  2. He is SO handsome! I'm glad it's finally time to get to ride him and further bond that way. What a wonderful experience!