Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving, 2010 in our new home!

Today it is 70 degrees and green.  I am stunned.  Maybe when I was a kid in the South I could remember this but not in the last 30+ years.  I checked the weather where we came from and it's bitter and windy and supposed to snow if it already hasn't started.

I love it here.  Have I ever mentioned that?

I got up and did a little bit of cooking, Kathy is taking care of the turkey, dressing, potatoes and gravy.  I am doing sweet potatoes and green beans (Not the casserole kind, though).  And the pie.  Well, that is another story.  You see, yesterday I was in the grocery store.  I hadn't been for 2 weeks, last Friday, my regular grocery day, we really weren't out of many things.  I thought I'd go Monday after work.  Nope.  Just didn't work out.  Maybe Tuesday.  Nope. So I went yesterday and it was busy but not really crowded.  Lots of specials on sale and so I got a few extra things.  But I was feeling guilty because Kathy was taking on the lion's share of dinner so thought I'd get pie.  I got a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie (it's a Southern thing, I always had pecan pie as a kid, we really never had pumpkin pie, that was a New England thing).  YUM!

So last night, figuring that two pies between three people was an awful lot of pie to eat, I told Jerry he could start eating it right away.  Kathy isn't crazy about pumpkin, so figured she would help me with the pecan pie and there is that german chocolate cake she made this week, tool  He decided to dive into it for dinner.  He's so skinny he can do that, so he heated it up, lathered it up with Coo Whip and got through about three bites before he commented that it wasn't very good.  As a matter of fact, he said it was terrible.  

"Here, taste it" he said.  Nuh uh.  He did that to me once with milk.  "Here, smell this" and like a dummy I did and he laughed like a hyena.  So I said "Let's get Kathy to taste it" and went over and got her.  

She came and tasted it and made the same face as Jerry had, squinting eyes and tongue out, universal sign of "YUCK!".  The tried to decide if it was lack of eough spices, Jerry kept saying it tasted liek squash.  They looked at the ingredient list and it was full of lots of thickeners instead of eggs, etc.  So now I am leery of the pecan pie.  Kathy prefers that so we will try that one.  If it stinks, I have the receipt and will take it in and get a refund.

The dogs liked it for breakfast, though.. 

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  1. Who needed pumpkin pie with that scrumptious sweet potato dish you made!