Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Garage is approaching empty!

It's kind of hard to see from these photos but it is true.  It's getting cleared out!  I have been told by people that they lived somewhere for five years before the last box was unpacked.  I imagine that is because some of the stuff in boxes is extraneous stuff, not really needed or wanted but too good to throw out and "worth something".  I have tried to overcome that with our move.  I gave a ton of stuff to Salvation Army and Habitat Restore before we left but the packing was going slow, so eventually was just pitching stuff in boxes and telling myself I would sort it out when I got here. Which I have been doing!  

I went through about 12 boxes yesterday and a couple more today.  Some had some stuff already removed from it.  The reason it's taking so long is because we are still waiting for the main floors to be finished in the house and I expect those to be done by Christmas!  However, I can put stuff in the kitchen cabinets, in the dressers and bookcases which are in the bedrooms and in the closets.  The bedroom floors are all finished! 

A lot of stuff has gone to Jerry's workshop, some has gotten hung up on the walls of the garage such as bicycles and horse blankets, and some is going on shelves out there.  It's getting done.  I will one day soon have an actual garage to park the cars in!  What a luxury since we converted our last garage into a boarding kennel!  :)

Today's Surprise Boxes contained a slew of winter coats (and I'd sorted through these before we left) and some vests.  The other box had some CDs in it, a huge shoe box full of pens and office things, another coat or two and I haven't quite got to the bottom of it to see what else is in there.  Definitely office/coat closet stuff though.  I will get it all arranged and settled in.  I pulled out two more coats, a navy blue leather jacket and a red/violet longer windbreaker lined in fleece.  I like both of them but hey, we live in Kentucky now and I don't need the assortment of jackets and coats I used to, this one for 0 degrees to 10 degrees, these two for 10 to 20, this fleece vest with that coat for 20 to 30 degrees, etc.  It's 55 degrees today and sunny.  I'm running around in a long sleeve t shirt with the sleeves rolled up, slopping through some mud to help Jerry with the posts on the new barn and then back up to the other barn to put this buck with these two does for an hour or two to make kids for next spring!  And not cold a bit!

I swept out a ton of leaves that had drifted into the garage, and moved some boxes around into better order and moved in an end table and a bedside table, too.  Much better.  You can see here how much better it all looks:

 It was truly stuffed to the ceiling and triple stacked.  And the concrete bags on the right side are gone now, too, I took the photo before Jerry started to build the barn today.

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