Saturday, February 11, 2012

For Real: Kentucky and legal descriptions of land boundaries!

I couldn't make this up. Really. And I've seen ones that are even more unbelievable.  Read this description of the boundaries of a piece of land going up for auction here:

The other one that I read some time again talked about a big rock, down the middle of a creek, etc.  And all the land down here is cut into these bizarre shapes, I am guessing it follows the hills and valleys that are down here.  Our land, for example, follows the top of a large hill and goes rather straight and the rest is all crooked, going here and there.  Thankfully it is all fenced.


  1. How funny! Millie, you and Jerry picked the right spot, LOL!

  2. For Nebraska, all land descriptions are based on two lines: the baseline which goes east/west and the meridian that goes north/south. It also gets confusing sometimes, but there is no comparison to yours!
    Deb Landon