Monday, January 2, 2012

Kentucky Agates

This is a Kentucky Agate, the state stone.  I love agates anyhow, so was pleased to see there are some here in Kentucky.  Apparently the ones they find here have more different colors than anywhere else.  I am hoping to use some of these in my store when I get going on that. Still working on a lot of things and will announce what I'm doing in a few weeks. But for now, you will just have to wait.... :)
The red and red/black combo is more rare here, you can find red agates but these are very uncommon.
They come in all colors.  I like the one above!
Kentucky agate is found in a geode type of formation, so you look for "dinosaur eggs".  It is found primarily in the counties of  Estill and Powell counties, occasionally some agate is found also in parts of Jackson, Lee, Madison and Rockcastle counties.  I am not familiar with these counties so will have to look at a map and see if I can find someone who can help us to look for one of these!  Each geode is a surprise, you never know what you will find when you cut it in half!
More beautiful ones can be seen here:
And here is some gorgeous jewelry made from Red Kentucky agate:

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  1. Those are really pretty!

    Good luck in your new unannounced venture.