Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Redneck Christmas!

And I want one!  Oh, I think this is wonderful!  I didn't find it in Kentucky, I swiped this off of Facebook.  But oh, how I want to put one of these up!
I'm so jealous.  I wish I'd thought of this first....


  1. Like.

    It would also be sooo Suthern Orygun.

  2. Would also be sooooo Suthern CA in some parts. Remember, I live in the sticks, where goats roam freely at times, as well as possum and coons. Hey, did I tell you there were a pair of coons living under the decking in back of my Bldg. at work? Also makes me think of Julian. It's an old mining town up in the mountains that Mom and I visited not too long ago. Besides the deer crossing signs, there were, wait for it...COW CROSSING signs, that is NO lie! I came up with a very funny, rather nasty running commentary on that, Mom nearly disowned me. Anyway, if someone could do a lighted figure of a fat tourist with a camera hanging upside down, I'd proudly display that outside my home...

    Debba & Stella